From 135kg to 90kg

Chris & Steve after Steve dropped 45KG

Steve Thompson’s story

After requests for real life examples of success we offer the following. It’s a long article but worth the read. We see this all too often. If you are in this position and need a push then have a chat with me, Coby Williams, and I’ll point you in the right direction. You don’t have to take PT lessons and no one is going to force them upon you but to get you started you may need one or two.

It’s no accident we have a reputation as having the best and most diverse PT’s & coaches on the coast. Please don’t think twice about asking for advice, support or even just to have a chat about what you hope to achieve. We hope you find some inspiration from Steven’s story in his own words.

My name is Steven Thompson and I thought I’d share with you my story. I am now 37 years old. 90Kg and alive. At 35 I was 135kg+ and almost dead. Due to working at the time as a truck driver and living on bad food and bad decisions, I found myself overweight and not really caring about too much. I have two sons and I was walking one day with my eldest son who wanted to “Race”. We both took off running and at about the 100m mark I did win the race but at a cost. I felt my heart beating and it felt as if it was a foot out of my chest each pump and I really thought I was going to require an ambulance. Around this time I was also being told from friends that I looked grey and resembled a ghost. My nickname was Three Chins and I would sweat in a freezer. Time for a change I told myself, so in what I thought was smart and in my best interest a whole bunch of new bad decisions were made. In my infinite wisdom I decided that minimal food and lots of coffee was the answer, Yes I know, idiot! Anyhow, it worked to a degree, I did lose weight. I also lost what muscles I had and motivation to even wake up in the morning was a whole new low. Eventually I had this idea that I should join a gym. The last time I was at the gym I was 17 with 3 mates thinking we were cool throwing weights around like super-fools so I really didn’t know what from where. The mother of my children was also requiring a gym and was going to weight watchers. The lady running the meeting recommended the locally owned and operated gym in Warana called Impact strength and fitness. We walked in there not really knowing what to expect and was greeted by a bloke named Coby. We sat down, had a chat and he asked us to return in a few days for him to give us a proper one on one experience at the gym as both of us were completely out of our elements. When we returned we found out that Coby had an emergency and was unable to attend yet had Chris and Scott waiting for us. The kids mother chatted with Scott while I discussed what I wanted with Chis. To be honest I didn’t know what to expect. I was expecting a smaller gym being locally owned yet it has everything one would want. The fact that it was a 24 hour gym allowed me to come when minimal people were there as at that time I was very self-conscious and aware of my shortcomings. While talking with Chris I soon realised that he has taken a very similar journey as me. Once a heavy set bloke and changed it all around. That was nice to hear actually and gave me some comfort. Over the next month or two I was able to, with Chris’ assistance to drop to 84kg and make some muscles work again that haven’t had for quite some time. There were days I had to lift myself out of chairs with my arms because my legs didn’t work after “Leg Day”. The other side of the coin is that I can be very “Set in my ways” and I have now found that any shortcomings that I had at the gym where more my inability to communicate what I wanted to Chris. Once I sat down with him and spelt it out he was able to tailor the program to me making me very happy to go to the gym and get on with it. To sum up my feelings and experience with the Gym and its staff would be this. Locally owned, Meaning they really do care. They need us as much as we need them. It’s a situation where both parties win, unlike big gyms where you are lost as number. They are in the middle. Large franchise gyms just want your money and they don’t care, Boutique gyms just don’t have the equipment to service their clients. The trainers are fantastic. My trainer is Chris McGeary. He has had a similar journey to me and practices what he preaches. I do find myself so lucky to have found a PT that understands where I’m coming from and am now able to call him a good friend. There are other excellent PT’s at Impact but I can personally recommend Chris to anyone. The knowledge base at this gym is truly astounding. While each PT is a good PT their ability to work together for a client’s best interest is very impressive.

In conclusion. My personal experience with going from not being comfortable with gyms to now is all thanks to Chris McGeary (Komplete Fitness Coaching) and the team at Impact Strength and Fitness. I have no hesitation to recommend them for beginners all the way through advanced athletes. Thank you so much guys, You saved my life and made it so much better. This is my story. Time to make your own. Thank you for Reading. Steve Thompson.

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