The Blank Canvas

Coby’s vision:

Standing in an empty shop space in October 2017 at 224 Nicklin Way to what we have today!

Stevie and Louise

Two fantastic girls, sisters, in great shape working out at Impact

Opening Day

King of the Gym, Josh Lenartowicz, officially opening the gym with Andrew posing off alongside him 

You are never to old!

Robin and Pauline had never set foot inside a gym before joining impact….we think it was the pussycat Mike who made them feel comfortable!

Before the artwork

Louise showing how it’s done

The Team & the Art

Our roses, Naomi and Lynette, surrounded by five thorns! We love our artwork by Ross Holloway

Impact in Lights

The night the lights finally came on only days away from opening. Coby had a tear in his eye! We all raced down there as darkness approached to capture the moment.  

Opening Day

Three blokes pretending they’re hugging someone!

King of the Gym

Big Josh Lenartowicz 

Two beauties

You know when someone says “This is my better half” Well, it’s never been so true in Coby’s case! Amber is Coby’s better half and Layla, who is in charge in the Williams family, keeps them both very fit!

Josh & Lynette

To put this into perspective Lynette is 6′ 4″!!! 

Always looking at you

That artwork follows you around, it’s scary at times!

We love our gear

All our gear is brand new except for one crazy serious squat rack. We have a mix of Hammer Strength, LifeFitness and Again Faster gear.

Diamond Wolf Lady

We didn’t want your run of the mill Arnie or the Hulk bulging out of our wall so Ross Holloway was called in to do something different. Check out his work on Ross_Man on Instagram, pretty cool stuff! 

This is not easy!

Louise made this look too easy…..and it’s not!

Great smile

Katie wasn’t keen on this shot but I had to use it as it’s one of my favourite shots

Serious Stuff

We have a great balanced mix of ages and genders at impact. We also have some serious lifters. For the record Luke made this no problems!

Engage, Inspire, Educate

We never started Impact wanting to be another one of these franchise gyms. We really want our members to have space to workout, meet others, feel a community spirit and enjoy coming to the gym.

Members from Day 1

A few of our serious members at Impact including our very own Naomi. 

He's bending our bar!

We have a great dead lifting area in the gym….and, Jarred, that looks heavy! That glass office in the background is known as Coby’s fishbowl. My wife bought shares in Windex when she saw that!


Snuck this when Vele wasn’t looking!

Leg's Anyone?

By my count there’s at least 240KG on this leg press so I’m impressed! We have a whole row of leg torturing apparatus at impact.  

The night before we opened

After a mad final rush late on a Friday night we were ready to open. Builders, family and the team all gathered for a drink. I really liked this photo but didn’t think the beer in the builders hands was appropriate. Check out the website and you’ll see the bottles magically disappear…ahh Photoshop! 

Very Suspicious

Mike and Coby, you’ve gotta ask what’s going through Mike’s head as I captured these two deep in converstaion. 

Those Arms!

I feel sorry for the poor bloke on the leg press because he was clearly in pain whilst Coby was posing for this shot! 

The Team

What a great team we have, all hand picked direct from the asylum! Mike is hiding behind Lynette because he’s still wanted in NZ, Chris only has half a haircut (He had the rest done the next day!) Coby was meant to be in black and Scotty has those crazy eyes going! Luckily Lynette and Naomi managed to save this photo!