6 Tips For Mindful Eating Over The Christmas Holidays

Our healthy eating habits are put to the ultimate test during the Christmas Holidays. Our calendars tend to fill up with so many Christmas Parties and dinners to attend, that it can be difficult to stick to our healthy eating and navigating infinite buffets.

Here are 6 Tips to avoid overeating at holiday meals and family gatherings this Christmas.

Tip #1 – Eat Breakfast

Start your day with a healthy breakfast like a protein smoothie. This breakfast will fill you up and satisfy you, so you are not starving later in the day (causing you to overeat at meals later on).

Tip # 2 – Avoid Grazing

Grazing and munching on foods while you are cooking, without thinking will lead you to be full by the time dinner is served and set you up to overeat. To avoid grazing, sit down while you eat anything and make sure that all of the food you eat is on a plate. This will help you be more conscious of what you are eating.

Tip # 3 – Taste all the food you eat

With every bite of food, savour it. Notice how the food tastes and feels. Is it sweet, is it tart, is it crunchy? This will help make your meals more satisfying and increase the likelihood that you will stop eating when you are full.

Tip # 4 – Put on your plate, only foods that you really like

Make sure that whatever you are eating, are foods that you really enjoy. Don’t put foods on your plate that you don’t love just for the sake of putting them on your plate. This will help you enjoy your food more, and help you feel more satisfied.

Tip #5 – Keep track of your true hunger

It is important to really tune into the hunger in your stomach. The moment your stomach feels satisfied, that is when you stop eating. If you focus on your brain or your taste buds to guide how much you eat, you are likely to eat past your hunger levels.

Tip # 6 – Slow Down

It takes your body some time to realise that you are full, so if you eat too quickly you are more likely to overeat. Take small bites and chew your food slowly. It also helps to put your cutlery down in-between bites. This important tip can help you avoid eating beyond the point of fullness.

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