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Fantastic Kale Smoothie

This is an awesome Kale smoothie that I found on The Blender Girl site and have adapted it to suit one person. as a rule I do not like Kale as I find the strong, almost bitter taste, too much but this healthy smoothie is the exception.

Sample Exercise Technique

Coby gives you a brief example of the way he imparts technique through our online training app.


Coby Williams interviews Rod Russell who shares his health journey. A simple plan executed well equals great results both mentally and physically!

Muscle mobility through movement!

Coby takes you through an easy 2min workout to start to encourage purposeful movement!

Coby on Covid-19

Coby advising members about the steps he has taken within the gym to minimise the spread of the Corona virus and ensure that members are working out in a safe and healthy environment.

Great Summer Salad

This is a truly tasty and healthy versatile salad that you can eat by itself, have in wraps or use in an omelette. It’s fairly quick to make if you have the ingredients on hand. You can store it in the fridge for a few days it’s at your fingertips for a great healthy snack.…

Thighs & Glutes Exercises

Naomi imparts three of her favourite exercises for thighs and glutes from her ABT class. Using a band, a barbell and a kettle bell Naomi demonstrates great technique and tips for getting the most from these exercises.

Home Kettlebell Workout

Coby takes you through his home workout focusing on legs and shoulders. This is perfect for beginners through to advanced. A quick intensive workout you can do when you can’t get to the gym utilising a single kettlebell.

Stressors Impact Results

Chris explains how stress can impact your fitness goals in the gym and suggests solutions to combating this.

Using the Uni Lateral Lat Pull-down Machine

Coby takes you through the weight loaded Hammer Strength lat pull-down machine. Good technique can avoid unnecessary muscular & joint strain

3 of Coby’s favourite Abdominal exercises

Coby from Impact Strength and Fitness takes you through 3 of his favourite abdominal exercises from beginner to advanced. Bosu, Incline Bench & Hanging Leg Raises