Coby Williams

Coby truly loves seeing people fulfil their health and fitness goals, whether its training for a sport or training to conquer life and its many pressures. Coby's passion is in the ability to educate his clients, which in turn empowers them to achieve a vast variety of training goals. Training based on hard work, consistency and of course fun.

In 2012 Coby and his team launched a Corporate Wellness Program that is designed around helping business owners, CEO's and mangers have happier, healthier employees, which will than have a major effect on their business through increase sales, decreased absenteeism and staff turnover and overall morale…just to name a few.

So far we have impacted thousands of people and we are aiming to keep impacting thousands more. At the core of all this I just love helping people.

Coby has been in the health and fitness industry for many years and has seen all the highs and lows that gymnasiums offer. Coby's vision was to take the best of what he has seen and experienced in a gymnasium and create his ideal health and fitness facility. That vision is now a reality in Impact Strength and Fitness.

Diploma in Fitness, Diploma in Sports & Recreation, 1 & 2 Strength & Conditioning, ZUU training