Children’s creche

Wear them out whilst you workout!

We’ve partnered with the #### swimming centre to make it easier for mum’s (and dad’s) to get back into shape! 

Getting you back into shape

Impact has partnered with the aquatic centre just behind us. As long as we provide the child minder we can utilise their creche facilities. You may even wish to have your child take swimming lessons whilst you work out? That’s separate to the child minding but it is certainly available. We’ve worked hard to make this as cost effective and as easy as possible for mum’s and dad’s. If you want to join a class you can drop your child off 15 minutes before a class and pick them up 15 minutes after a class for $00.00 a child. You might just want to work out and not attend a class, that’s fine too, but it has to be when we have classes on so that we can keep the child minding costs as low as possible.       

Spaces will be limited to ## children at a time so book as early as you can. 


Lora Spielberg – Child minder extraordinaire

Lora loves children, especially with asparagus and rice! Lora has a blue card and blah blah