Buddina’s Preferred Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Classes

At Impact Strength and Fitness, we provide our clients with quality equipment and facilities, professional personal training, and group fitness classes for clients throughout the Buddina area. We are proud to offer customers with the adequate floor space, machinery, and coaching to safely achieve their health and fitness goals, whatever they might be. Want to lose a handful of kilos? Increase in size and definition for a competition? We continue to pair traditional hard work with modern innovations in the health industry, all amidst an environment that is fun and electric, to ensure our customer’s satisfaction while aiding in the completion of their pursuits.

Visit our facilities in Warana for yourself to see how Impact Strength and Fitness can improve your lifestyle.

Personal training and fitness classes for every ability level

Our facilities are some of the best that can be found anywhere around Buddina. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients, delivering an extensive range of weight bearing and cardio equipment, rooms for an array of group fitness classes, and friendly personal trainers happy to share their expertise wherever needed. We can accommodate for any ability level. Whether you're looking for a place to shed some unwanted weight, a base where you can prepare for competition, or even an edgy, off-the-wall environment to meet new people – our experienced team can help.

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For all your health and wellbeing needs in Buddina, you want an expert group of personal trainers dedicated to providing you with the best outcome possible. We not only help people in Buddina, but also help residents and businesses in Warana, Bokarina, Minyama, and surrounds get the results they desire. Our team of personal trainers are experienced in a range of strength and fitness disciplines, and work always diligently for our clients’ best interests, whether that means one-on-one training, inside group fitness classes, or simply when out covering the floor. Call us today on 07 5437 8818 or leave an email at info@impactstrengthandfitness.com.au, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.